Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy day (can u smile by 'infinite' change to 'when u smile')

29 june 2011 :: this is my epi,,,my last year at skul..on that day, ade ari koperasi skola..its was happy moment ever...happy??ehem ade yg tersiratnyer..hehehe..dapat capture pic nagn dye hahaha...shhh,,,rhsie...mlsla nk cite pnjang..tgk la pic2 ni..i like

me and my close friend..nurul fatin izati

this is why im so happy hahaha..shhh,,joke3

this is our new practical teacher,,, nomu joahea aman lalala
p/s cikgu abdul rahman n cikgu ilham

from left luqman , wiwin , me ,bila , fatin n budu

luqman ni tetibe macho lak..hahaha

cikgu ilham~~

lalalalala~~~(my heart is beating-by kwill)..hihihi

ok la..thats all.....ade lg pic tp byk kat fb...

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