Tuesday, December 27, 2011

sorry baru nak update awak mr.blog !!

assalamulaikum .. hello there .. it has been a month since i updated my last post in here .. well,as we all know im seventeen n that number is really synonym with SPM (sijil pelajaran malaysia) .. i've been busy with studying until i forgot to update YOU mr.blog .. but,always be by your side will never change my result(fakta)..so i put my effort more to books!! its a fact because Allah sendiri pernah bersabda bahawa DIA tidak akan ubah nasib seseorang melainkan seseorang tu sendiri berusaha merubahnya .. so its simlpe right? SIAPA USAHA DIA DAPAT !! what i would really like to have now is just a flying colour result because i knew i've done my best in SPM .. so ,ini jela post aku untuk hari ni ..just nk update blog yang da berhabuk (ayat klise) ..

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